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Djurdjevic Architectes is an architecture studio founded in 2022. Our multidisciplinary approach enables us to tackle a wide range of projects, from architecture and urban planning to territorial and infrastructure planning. Our experience in teaching and research means that we are able to integrate reflections on contemporary issues relating to the preservation of built, landscape and productive heritage, while promoting responsible urban development.

In a context marked by major and rapid change, we believe in designing functional and flexible spaces that meet today's needs while allowing for future redevelopment. The experience we have gained in developing large-scale projects enables us to take a holistic approach to projects at all scales.

Sustainability, the promotion of the circular economy and the use of local resources play a crucial role in our approach, and we give priority to integrating these principles into all our projects. It is crucial to create spaces that not only meet the needs of our customers, but also promote a sustainable future through the efficient use of resources.

Our design process always begins with an analysis of the existing context in order to propose the most appropriate solutions for the site. Our extensive network of engineers, architects, town planners, architects.

Muriz Djurdjevic

Muriz Djurdjevic holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from EPF Lausanne with a focus on urban and territorial planning. After graduating, he joined Herzog & de Meuron in Basel and gained first experiences between 2016-21 working on various international projects ultimately focusing on territorial, urban and infrastructural planning. As a Project Manager he was responsible for the winning competition for Ronquoz 21, Sion (2019).

His diploma thesis “Atlas of Overexploited Territories – Baltic Sea” investigated the urbanization of sea territories and their extensive operational landscapes as part of the worlwide urban fabric. He has won the Prix Arditi in Architecture (2016), the BestOf Architecture EPFL and the Swiss Arc Award in the Next-Generation category. His research has been exhibited at the Baltic Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2016 and published in The Baltic Atlas (2016). As co-founder and former editor at Atlas of Places, he has lectured and taught workshops at USI Mendrisio (2017) and Transitional Territories, Delta Urbanism at TU Delft (2019). In 2020, he joined the studio Architecture of Territory at ETH Zürich where he was part of the research and teaching team.

He was also teaching at the joint (EPFL+ETH) Master of Advanced Studies (MAS UTD) in Urban and Territorial Design at ETH Zürich between 2022-23 and has in parallel opened his practice Djurdjevic Architects in Lausanne.